We Can’t Wait To See This Documentary About The Underground World Of Pro Foosball

“Foosballers” takes a look at six of the world’s best players as they prepare for the Tornado World Championships.

At the office of The18, we take our foosball pretty seriously. Although the incessant banging of ball against High Pressure Laminate walls isn’t conducive to maintaining a train of thought (don’t blame me for all the nonsense I write), the call of the 2-5-3 formation is too strong to ignore. For some, that call has turned into an obsession — these are the professional foosballers among us.

In an upcoming documentary from Joe Heslinga (F is for Family), the underground world of pro table soccer will be explored at depth, following six of the planet’s best players as they prepare for the world championships. Foosballers premiers in select cities across the country on Feb. 11, but it’ll be available through iTunes and Vimeo on Demand on Feb. 13.

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