The Best DIY Soccer Hacks

It's about time to play like a pro with the most used DIY soccer hacks out there!

Use a glue gun to create grip socks.

Use an eraser to remove dirt and scuffs on your boots.

Wrap athletic tape around your laces to keep them tied. 

Bring your boots into the shower with you to help break them in. Follow this up by stuffing them with newspaper to help dry them out.

Drop a Little Trees air freshner in your bag to get rid of the smell. 

Use a lighter or nail polish to fix the ends of your frayed laces. 

Toss some lemon peels or tea bags in your boots to help remove odors. 

Cut your socks to use them as a leg sleeve for your shinguards. 

Cut holes in the backs of your socks to relieve pressure on your calves. 

Pre-wrap your shin guards to hold them in place. 

Use pre-wrap to hold back long hair. 

Take a healthy squirt of mustard to help relieve cramps.

Spread vasoline on goalie gloves for extra grip.