Hablaliga: Coutinho's Barcelona Debut

We graded Philippe Coutinho's debut at Barcelona...and well...it wasn't pretty.

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Hablaliga: Grading Philippe Coutinho's Barcelona La Liga Debut

Hi I'm Giselle Cesin with The18, and this is Hablaliga.

This weekend saw Philippe Coutinho get his first start in a Barcelona shirt, going 66 minutes in Barcelona's 2-1 win over Alaves.

Coutinho was OK. We'd give him a C+ or a B-. He linked up well with Nelson Semedo down the right side, but it will clearly take some time for he and his new teammates to get used to each other. Neither goal in Barcelona's comeback victory was scored with Coutinho on the field.

It was interesting to see Coutinho deployed on the right wing for Barca, as he rarely played there when he was at Liverpool, preferring the left wing and the number 10 role. 

Do you think Barcelona are using Coutinho correctly so far? Let us know in the comments.

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