Comedian Jack Whitehall's 'Training Days' On Youtube Is A Riot And Deserves Your Time

Soccer and comedy is a really hard combination to beat and English comedian Jack Whitehall has embarked on a glorious journey of bringing those two categories together. 

In his new YouTube original series ‘Jack Whitehall: Training Days’ the Arsenal fan goes behind the scenes and celebrates the biggest names in football. Whitehall said, "One of the great things about comedy is getting out of your comfort zone, so I certainly made it my job to get these football stars out of theirs. It's been great working with them on Training Days and showing fans a different side to them.”

The show truly has a ridiculous amount of star power. Dele Alli, Jose Mourinho, Thomas Muller, Jerome Boating, Garteh Bale and Cesc Fabregas are just a couple of names on the star studded list who make appearances in the show. 

Watch Episode:

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