Champions League Historical Comparison 1992 Vs. Today

The UCL Has Changed A Lot Since 1992.

Here is a comparison between the Champions League in 1992 vs now...

Only one team per country competed -- now up to four teams can be sent by certain countries.

The top scorer was Alfredo Di Stéfano with 49 goals over 58 appearances -- and now it’s Cristiano Ronaldo, with 128 goals over 168 appearances.

The winner of the final European Cup match was Barcelona in 1992, and the most recent winner of the Champions League is Liverpool.

The tournament also marked the first appearance of English clubs after a six-year absence resulting from the ban they received following the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985.

The overall prize pot has increased considerably over the last 27 years -- from €24 million in its first year (1992-93) to €2 billion in its most recent year (2018-19).

The current trophy is the fifth version of the current design. It was commissioned by UEFA General Secretary Hans Bangerter after Real Madrid was allowed to keep the original in 1967.

There were 192 goals scored throughout the 1992 tournament (2.63 per match), which lasted 73 games.

The 2019 tournament saw 366 goals (2.93 per game) over 125 games.

Starting in 2021, there will be a new third-tier competition called the UEFA Europa Conference League.

Spanish clubs have the most victories (18), followed by England (13) and Italy (12)

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