The Best of Ronaldinho

Relive the greatest goals and moments from everyones favorite player.

Was there a more entertaining footballer to watch than Ronaldinho? Sure you could say Messi or Ronaldo, or plenty of other players. But honestly, are they really more exotic or creative on the pitch than Ronaldinho? Do they have that unmistaken flair? I don't think so. Obviously those two players are in a class of their own, and do things on the pitch that no one else can (I have to say this so people don't think I'm taking a knock at Leo or CR7. You know how the internet is). But looking at Dinho, he did it all, and this video shows that. He had speed, strength and finesse. He could shoot from deep or curl one past the keeper. He could set up teammates (without even looking), and also burry a sky high header. He was such a complete player, and ffs he was SMOOTH and was having so much fun as he was doing it. His samba style of play is what made Brazil not only so fun to watch, but so lethal. He was a step ahead of everyone. His skills and technique were second to none. Yeah, he didn't score nearly as many goals as Messi or Ronaldo, but don't ever forget the greatness that was Ronaldinho Gaucho. 

Ronaldinho celebration

He was masterful and had a flair that not many players had, Ronaldinho will always be one of the more entertaining players to watch. (Photo:@topplayersarena | Twitter)