What Are The Best Football Boots For Midfielders?

What are the Top 5 football boots for your position? In this video, we rank the best soccer cleats for center mids, show positives and negatives and which professional players wear them. We cover classics like the Adidas Predator and Copa, football staples like the Tiempo Legend and Puma King and hidden gems like the Mizuno Morelia Neo. Which one is going to be crowned our best football boot for the central midfielder? 

Adidas Predator 

Modern silo with synthetic upper

Good touch but wears easy

Lightweight and agile 

Decent fit on the foot

Puma King

Kangaroo leather upper

One piece stitched

Thin material, good ball to foot feel

Simple looks for a modern boot

Mizuno Morelia Neo

Kangaroo leather, handstitched upper

Amazing form to foot, improves over time

Best quality boot on the market 

Speed boot with control boot qualities

Adidas Copa

K-leather blend w/ primeknit tech upper

Good form to foot, but leather purists beware

Good boot for young generation to get into classic leather

Great fit to foot and beautiful to look at

Nike Tiempo Legend

K-leather upper with knitted lockdown 

Brings back CTR upper design

Comfortable fit for all feet and great touch

Lightweight and durable. A gorgeous creation. 

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