18 Of The Best Ray Hudson Calls Brought To Life

Ray Hudson's Best Calls


17. “Showing him this much space is like handing the keys to the blood bank to Dracula.”


16. “Defenders try to follow him on Facebook and he comes out on Twitter, that’s how evasive he is.”


15. “As electrifying as a hairdryer thrown into a hot tub, my friend.”

14. “He could shave a mouse in his sleep and not disturb her.”


13. “His finish is as cold and calculated as a banker's heart.”


12. “He has chromosomes in his body that belong in a Bengal tiger.”


11. “Braver than a matador in high heels in a pink tutu.”

10. “He disperses his atoms on one side of the defenders and puts them back together on the other side.”


9. “Working harder than a one-eyed cat watching three mouse holes.”

8. "Real Madrid defense is breathing harder than Darth Vader"


7. “Hotter than a naga ghost pepper with the finish!”

6. “Real Madrid’s defense stretched out like spandex, from Miami Beach and Casillas is left naked!”


5. “Running like he’s got a food mixer down his shorts and it’s set to ‘beat’” 


4. “Like Betamax, they do not make them like him anymore.”

3. “He’s off like a teenager on a hotrod.”

2. “This (free kick) has more curves to it than Jessica Rabbit on steroids”.

1. “He could follow you into a revolving door and he’d still come out first.”

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