10 Things You've Experienced If You Play Fantasy Premier League

As a FPL owner, you go through a rollercoaster of emotions during the 38 weeks of the Premier League season. We've compiled the 10 things that you've sure to experienced this season.

Here are 10 things Fantasy Premier League owners have experienced this season.

#1: You’ve held on to one forward for way too long, believing you personally have the power to will them out of their slump.

#2: “Knock — 75% chance of playing? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN?!”

#3: You tried to add a fourth Manchester City player. 

#4: That manager that used their Triple Captain against YOU is a snake.

#5: A matchup with the last-place team is a game against players now based in La Liga and Serie A.

#6: When you see an attacker is coming up against Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United, a part of you dies.  

#7: You act like you were the springboard for the careers of Watford pair Abdoulaye Doucoure and Richarlison. 

#8: You’re holding on to that Bench Boost like its named Jack Dawson. 

#9: You’ve given more thought to using the 3-4-3 formation than Antonio Conte.

#10: Triple Captain —> 2 points X 3 = 6. I quit.

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