Your Guide To World Cup 2014: Part 5 - USMNT Chants

Don't know any of the US chants? Well if you're cheering at a bar, at home or in Brazil, The18 will help you fit right in.

Need to brush up on your USA chants before the World Cup? Ever wonder what it is the "American Outlaws" are chanting from the sidelines of international friendlies? Here are some of the main chants that you need to know going into Brazil. They’re all easy to memorize, so don’t worry.

“We Love Ya”

We love ya, we love ya, we love ya

where you go we’ll follow

we’ll follow, we’ll follow 

‘cuz we support the U.S. 

the U.S., the U.S. 

that’s the way we like it, 

we like it, we like it,


“I Believe”

This chant has been a favorite especially for ESPN when it comes to their advertising. Lyrics are unnecessary for this one. 

“Whoa USA”

Another easy one. 

"Hey" Into "USA"

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