Who Should Be Cristiano Ronaldo's Next Girlfriend?

Cristiano Ronaldo just went through a break up with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk. Here’s 5 women that could be the one to replace her.


Photo: JustJared | Twitter

It seems as she gets older the “Good girl Gone Bad” is settling down in her life. She was recently seen with actor Leonardo Dicaprio (which she denies) and she recently made a children's movie. She may be ready to settle down with the right man now.

Serena Williams

Photo: SInow | Twitter

Hear me out on this one. Serena and Rolando are around the same age, she's a tennis player and she is in Europe a lot. She is also in great shape and she can pretty much dictate what tennis tournaments she wants to play in which would give her time to travel any where in the world. Could be a match made in heaven.

Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Cosmopolitan | Twitter

An older, successful woman is not a bad thing and she is still hot. JLo also likes younger men. She has children which may be a problem, because she may not be able to travel as much to see her man play.

Kate Upton

Photo: BritishGQ | Twitter

Rolando obviously loves models, so who better to take his mind off his last relationship than the most popular and according to many, the most attractive model in the world. Upton has her own money, knows what it is like to date a celebrity and has a schedule where she could travel with Rolando for games. She'd be perfect for him.

Selena Gomez

Photo: litalinyamadows | Twitter

She is young, beautiful, talented and an activist. All the things that Rolando may look for in a woman. She also has had an on and off relationship with Justin Beiber for years. But a grown up relationship with a mature man may be the medicine she needs to get over Beibs.

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