Watch Suarez Give This Boy Tears Of Joy In His Fight With Cancer

The real power of the internet was on display when Luis Suarez surprised his biggest fan with a video call.

The internet can be a heartless place. People argue, and insult, hack, steal and slander, and they do pretty much all of it with the guilt free understanding that the people they harm will never enter their lives as more than a username or profile picture. The easier the target, the more it is put through the grinder, and as far as targets go, they don’t get much easier than Luis Suarez. 

He can’t score a goal without having his past brought up; he could win the Champions League and still hear about how the trophy should be checked for bite marks after he handles it. Rest assured that Suarez has done more than his fair share in earning this reputation, but that doesn’t make it any less narrow. 

Outside of “Suarez: the Crazy” is an incredibly compassionate man, a player that met his soulmate at the age of 15 and spent every waking moment of his initial time in Europe thinking of her. The video you are about to watch exemplifies this side of Suarez to perfection. In it, we see a genuine person, someone who can make a video call across the world to one of his biggest fans feel like a conversation in the park with a long lost brother. 

Good luck, Mateo. It’s nice to see the internet being used for something good for a change.

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