Study Reveals Average Salaries For Biggest Leagues Around The World

A study by MailSport found that (spoiler alert) it pays to be in the Premier League.

The study examined salaries from 34 leagues from around the world and found that the average EPL salary is about £700,000 ($1,000,000+) more than the next-highest league. Players in the EPL make £2,273,277 per year ($3,562,111).

That's more then 15 times what the average MLS player makes. The MLS, with an average salary of £135,945 ($213,019), came in 22nd out of 34, behind the English Second Division (£486,033), the German Second Division (£205,333), the Scottish Premier League (£182,789) and the Ukranian Premier League (£199,694). The MLS did, however beat the Nigerian PFL, whose players average just a bit more than £6,000 per year in salary.

Rounding out the top five with the EPL were the usual suspects: the German Bundesliga (£1,456,565), Italian Serie A (£1,313,681), Spanish La Liga (£1,213,024), and French Ligue 1 (£987,933).

Mexico's Liga MX came in 10th with £265,625.

The whole chart detailing the study's findings can be seen below.

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