NWSL Gives The People What They Want: Flannels And Masks

The National Women’s Soccer League has grown tremendously even through a time of a world shut down. Not only does it supply the world with quality female footballers, but it also gives the people what they want. Flannels and masks have arrived in the NWSL shop and the fans are ecstatic. 

There is nothing more versatile than a flannel shirt. You can wear it with jeans, sweatpants, leggings, khakis, shorts, sweatshirts and pretty much anything you may own. By popular demand, the NWSL has heard the fans and released three different colored flannels and an official NWSL mask. Since masks have become a fashion statement in the current state of the world, now you can be trendy with an NWSL mask just like the pros. 

Support the NWSL and grab some swag to represent your favorite teams.

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