The New Host Of MLS Now Is The Girl Of Your Dreams

My God I’m in love. I didn’t think it could happen that fast, hell, I wasn’t even sure it was possible for it to happen, but it has. I love Rachel Bonnetta, and I don’t care who knows. 

She’s funny, she loves soccer, she’s Canadian, she has absolutely adorable mannerisms, she’s drop dead gorgeous, and she’s 23! That’s only one year younger than I am!! THAT’S LITERALLY THE PERFECT DIFFERENCE!!! 

Alright, I needed to get that out of my system. Seriously though guys — and girls who are so inclined — the MLS hit the ball out of the park with their new host for the online series MLS Now. We knew it as soon as she freaked out out about the USMNT scarf that was on set and, like a true Canadian, replaced it with a Toronto FC scarf. This girl has it all, and she makes it look why-can’t-I-do-that effortless.

Check out her first ever contribution to MLS Now below, you will not regret it. Consider me subscribed, MLS Youtube account, consider me subscribed. 

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