A Colombian Team Held A Moment Of Silence For A Player Who Was On The Field

Independiente Santa Fe accidentally honored Santos player Ricardo Oliveira, who was on the field, instead of an elderly former Santos player, who had recently passed away.

You know that scene in various movies in which a character either fakes his or her own death or is otherwise presumed dead but actually alive, and that character watches his or her funeral from behind a tree while wearing sunglasses? Ricardo Oliveira came about as close as you can get to that experience in real life.

The Santos striker is alive and not dead, but before a match at Independiente Santa Fe, the hosts held a moment of silence for Oliveira. They meant to hold the moment of silence for former Santos player Alexandre de Carvalho, who recently passed at the age of 70. Oliveira said he didn't notice the mix-up at the time, but some others in the stadium definitely did.


This is going to get a little dark, but you know what? Maybe it wasn't a mix-up. Everybody eventually dies. Ricardo Oliveira will die someday, and maybe this moment of silence was in anticipation of that eventuality, not that it will be any time soon.

Either way, if you're holding a moment of silence, you should definitely make sure you hold the moment of silence for the person it's actually supposed to be honoring.

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Photo: @healthmarketing | Twitter

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