Celtic Fan Arrested For Throwing Hamburger At Police Horse

A Celtic fan was arrested in Manchester Tuesday for the crime of the century.

We interrupt you mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed to bring you this very important tweet about a man throwing a hamburger at a police horse.

This is our favorite crime that has ever been committed. We are here for throwing food items at police horses.

We do have a couple of questions though: what kind of hamburger is it? Did the hamburger have bacon? Was it like a fast food hamburger or one of those fancy hamburgers with, like, truffles on them of just a run-of-the-mill restaurant hamburger? Did he actually hit the horse with the hamburger? If so, where on the horse did the hamburger land? How did the horse react? Was it mad? Did it try to eat the hamburger?

If anyone has answers and/or video, please let us know.

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