Lindsey Horan and Alex Morgan speak on Korbin Albert controversy ahead of SheBelieves Cup

The United States women’s national team held a press conference on Wednesday which saw leaders Alex Morgan and Lindsey Horan address the controversial situation involving midfielder Korbin Albert.

The 20-year-old received waves of backlash after fans discovered she’d reposted anti-LGBTQ+ videos on TikTok and was caught liking a post making fun of Megan Rapinoe’s career ending injury.

Rapinoe then indirectly called out Albert on Instagram. Albert posted an apology shortly after.

Wednesday marked the USWNT’s first time in front of the press since the incident. Horan and Morgan gave statements sharing their disappointment with Albert and their firm stance on supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Alex Morgan and Lindsey Horan response to Korbin Albert situation

USWNT captain Horan spoke first expressing the team’s reaction.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to uphold the integrity of this national team through all of the generations,” Horan said. “We’re extremely, extremely sad that his standard was not upheld.

“Our fans and our supporters feel like this is a team they can rally behind and it’s so important that they feel and continue to feel undeniably heard and seen.”

Morgan emphasized that the USWNT will still be a pillar of support and home for LGBTQ+ fans and players. She also said that there has been a team conversation with Albert.

“We stand by maintaining a safe and respectful space especially as allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community,” Morgan said. “It’s also important to note we’ve had internal discussions around the (Korbin Albert) situation and that will stay within the team.”

No punishment for Albert has been announced as she’s on the SheBelieves Cup roster. The USWNT will face Japan in the semifinal in Atlanta on Saturday.

Albert broke her way into interim head coach Twila Kilgore’s starting XI during the Concacaf W Gold Cup as the PSG midfielder started all three knockout stage games.

Kilgore will have a decision to make whether or not to start Albert on Saturday.

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