Is Your Team A Bunch Of Quiksilver-Looking Mofos? Umbro Wants To Change That For You

Chuck doesn’t have to wear his old D.A.R.E. T-shirt any more.

When your team rolls up for its Sunday morning match, are you a ramshackle collection of ratty T-shirts, 2000s Premier League jerseys and some barbarian asking if anyone brought extra socks? Do you even warmup or did no one bother to bring a ball again? 

What if you could solve all that by being outfitted with full team uniforms (jerseys, shorts, socks), training gear, footballs, a manager’s jacket and a carrier bag for it all? Well that’s exactly what Umbro wants to do for you.

The iconic brand, which counts West Ham, Everton, Schalke, PSV, Santos and Jamaica among its clientele, is going to select amateur teams and award them with the aforementioned, as well as their very own kit launch experience.

To enter, just submit a short video clip (max 30 seconds) at that shows why your team deserves to win the prize. According to the press release, the video “can be funny, inspirational, skillful; whatever best represents the team, its players and their love for our game.”

Umbro simply wants to give back to the grassroots game and celebrate life outside of the professional level, and they want to make you look good while doing it.  

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