Viral Philippines kits from TikTok become real and put adidas’ garbage jerseys to shame

The new Philippines kits for the men’s national team are a work of art, literally. Created by design studio and TikTok sensation JerseyBird, the Philippines men’s national team are wearing some of the best-looking kits in the world.

Before getting the new kits, the Philippine Football Federation had a deal with Spanish sportswear company Kelme. That deal expired in January. 

With the Philippines women’s national team set to compete in their first-ever World Cup this summer, they partnered with adidas for new kits in February. The men took a chance and chose JerseyBird after a video of a concept Philippines kit went viral with nearly three million views. 

The men debuted the new kits on March 24 during a friendly game vs. Kuwait.

adidas has some stiff competition as their current kits for the Philippines women's national team are pathetic.

Let’s compare the kits.

New Philippines kits made by JerseyBird

@jerseybirdofficial Replying to @n3lly777 how’d we do on these? And who do you want next? #Philippines #Sinulog #WorldCup #Futbol #Messi ♬ Sunset Lover - Petit Biscuit

New Philippines kits made by adidas

Philippines women's home kit

Philippines women's away kit

Pathetic adidas. They didn’t even try on the away kit. It looks like they found a random blue shirt from their storage unit, slapped the Philippine Football Federation logo on it and called it a day.

JerseyBird put significance and thought behind their kits while adidas was just lazy. We’ve seen what the German sportswear giant is capable of with their stunning Women’s World Cup away kits for Germany, Spain, Japan, Colombia and Argentina. Where was that effort for the Philippines?

Perhaps the red and blue tops are just placeholders for now before the real Philippines World Cup kits are released. adidas will have a tough time trying to top the JerseyBird design.

If the Philippines women’s national team World Cup outfits aren't good either, then the team should just go rouge and use the JerseyBird kits in Australia and New Zealand.

The next big question that fans, and this writer in particular, want to know is when will those new Philippines kits for the men be for sale? Not soon enough.

JerseyBird create all kinds of concept jerseys and made a plethora of other national team kits that can be seen on their TikTok.

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