How can you get these dashing adidas x Prada cleats in your hands? Here's everything you should know

Did you see them? They look nice, right?

I'm not into luxury fashion – it's dumb – but kudos to adidas and Prada for joining forces and creating the first desirable high-end, high-couture cleats that are truly desirable. Sorry, Balenciaga.

Again. These boots are gorgeous, and I'm sure many of you guys are wondering, "Where can I get them?" And well, here you will find answers.

But first, let's talk about the cleats.

adidas x Prada cleats

The collab between the brands is reflected in three current silhouettes of the three stripes: the Predator Accuracy, the Copa Pure and the X Crazyfast. 

In terms of design, the Predators (black) and Copas (white) have the same perks as the models you see in the fields around the world every week, but with high-end leather and decorative elements from Prada's Linea Rossa, which are embodied in the red stripe that pops in the tongues of both silos. 

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What's truly new is the look of the X Crazyfast, which will kick off a new set of technologies under a silver coat.

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The cleats will be worn on-pitch by several top-notch players in the next few days, with Paulo Dybala and Catarina Macario (Copa Pure), Rafael Leão (X Crazyfast) and Pedri (Predator Accuracy) among them.

Where can I buy the adidas Prada cleats?

So, how can you get them?

The collection will be available in limited numbers through two channels:

  • The adidas CONFIRMED app (22-25 May 2023)
  • and selected Prada stores (starting May 25th)

All three models have a $595 price tag.

Good luck!

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