Watch: Vietnam player flop of the year candidate after being lightly touched on the chest

A Vietnam player flop video from the AFC U23 Asian Cup went viral after he gave fans one of the most riveting performances we’ve seen on the field this season.

The clip took place during Vietnam’s 3-1 victory vs. Kuwait in their group stage opener. Vietnam forward Van Truong Nguyen put his heart and soul into a flop of the ages.

In the 51st minute Kuwait’s Yousef Al Haqan gave Nguyen the slightest jab at the ribs near the corner flag. What came next was an acting job that would bring Leonardo DiCaprio to his knees.

Vietnam player flop from Asian Cup

We counted at least four rolls, several screams and one yellow card for Al Haqan. This was a masterful job in the flop department.

Nguyen deserves some pity. What if Al Haqan has secretly mastered Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch and actually hit Nguyen with a devastating blow? A blow so painful that it took Nguyen two seconds to realize his ribcage had been turned to ash.

Vietnam went on to win the game 3-1.

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