Southampton fan hilariously celebrates with prosthetic leg during EFL playoff win

Southampton are one win away from securing promotion back to the Premier League and their fans are loving it. One Southampton fan leg celebration has gone viral.

You might read “Southampton fan leg celebration” and wonder if we’re referring to him doing a dance with his leg, the stanky leg perhaps. No, we mean a Southampton fan was spotted in the crowd celebrating a goal with an actual prosthetic leg.

The person in charge of Southampton’s social media couldn’t have selected a more perfect caption.

Southampton fan leg celebration

There are multiple parts of this five second clip that need to be discussed. For starters, who’s damn leg is that?? The guy holding it appears to be standing just fine so it’s unlikely that it’s his leg.

Secondly, what is going on with the puppet dude in the bottom left at the start of the video? Is that his leg? Who brings a puppet to a game? What’s going on in Southampton?

Lastly, who are the two rapscallions running through the crowd? They look like Scooby-Doo characters evading some St. Mary’s monster.

What a story-filled five-second clip from Southampton.

Perhaps we’ll get more madness in the future as the Saints’ 3-1 victory vs. West Brom on Friday booked them a ticket to Wembley Stadium for a shot at returning to the Premier League after only one season in the EFL Championship.

Southampton will face Leeds United for the final promotion spot on Sunday, May 26.

We hope to see more limbs.

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