Quiz: Can You Guess What The Angered Soccer Player Yelled During The Match

This article is brought to you by the ‘End Fake Crowd Noise’ commission.

The permanent return of fans in stadiums is yet to be certain. Until it is safe for spectators to be in stadiums, viewers at home are either stuck with phantom ghosts chanting down on players or get the real treat of hearing the players speak.

In this quiz you will be given three situations that a player is faced with and then choose from three different options for how the player reacted. Only one of the answers will be correct.

To start off we actually go back to a time before coronavirus had ruined everything, six years ago, at the 2014 World Cup.

Situation 1

Joe Hart and his country are trailing 2-1 in the World Cup to Italy. With little time remaining, the opponent’s free kick goes over the bar and he needs to get the ball from the ball boy. The ball boy doesn’t immediately have the ball ready. What does Joe Hart say?

A. Excuse me young one, but I do be needing the round circular object in order for play to resume so Mother England can take home the victory. Please hand it here.

B. Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball!

C. Hey! Hey! Give me the f*cking ball

The Answer:

Situation 2

Inter Milan practically has the game won leading Parma 2-1 with no time left in the match. Inter has an opportunity to score with Victor Moses dribbling the ball in the penalty area. Romelu Lukaku is wide open at the far post, but Moses’ pass doesn’t reach him. What does Lukaku say?

A. Victor! Victorrrrrrrr! F*cking hell!!

B. Victor you f*cking waste man! Open your stupid eyes I’m right here you blind moron!

C. No worries Victor, we are already winning this match. You’ll get it next time.

The Answer:

Situation 3

Matt Richie is defending for Newcastle and a Brighton attacker has a nice first touch to get past him. Richie makes the tiniest bit of contact with the Brighton player, who then goes to the ground. The assistant referee on the sideline raises his flag for a foul and Richie is less than pleased. What does Richie say?

A. How have you given that you wee dick?

B. Oooh ya little lassie learn to make a right call you wanker.

C. Oh f*ck off the wind could have blown him over he’s so weak.

The Answer: