Antonio Rüdiger utilizes the dark arts and gives Alvaro Morata’s nipple the squeeze ‘n twist

Real Madrid center back Antonio Rüdiger isn’t just one of the best defenders in the world, he’s also one of the most entertaining.

Rüdiger engaged in some hilarious nonsense during Real Madrid’s thrilling 5-3 victory vs. Atlético Madrid in the Supercopa de España on Wednesday.

Perhaps to get into Atlético striker Álvaro Morata’s head, Rüdiger was caught on camera grabbing the Spaniard’s nipple and giving it a twist.

Rüdiger Morata nipple twist incident

We must admit that Morata handled the nipple twist way better than our old friend Chicharito. During his time with LA Galaxy the Mexican legend reacted as if he’d been shot when his nipples were infringed upon.

Why did Rüdiger do this? We find ourselves asking that question a lot. Have you ever seen the guy break into a full sprint?

Rüdiger’s playful attack on his former Chelsea teammate went unpunished, but karma had a funny way of making sure justice was served.

In the 78th minute Rüdiger scored an own goal after a mistake from his goalkeeper and former Chelsea man Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Real Madrid will player the winner of Barcelona vs. Osasuna in the Supercopa final on Sunday.

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