Captain America Is Back: Watch Zouma’s Hilarious Reaction To Pulisic’s Sizzling Shots In Training

It was at this moment that Kurt Zouma realized he's glad he isn’t a goalkeeper.

Christian Pulisic’s return to full health is nearly complete. The Chelsea and USMNT forward has been rehabbing a hamstring injury for several months and missed the first five games of the season. He made a brief seven-minute appearance in the final moments of Saturday's match against Crystal Palace.

Chelsea’s latest tweet shows the Pennsylvania-native hasn’t missed a beat during his healing hiatus. The dude is still hitting bangers and putting fellow teammate Kurt Zouma in danger.

It all went downhill so quickly for Zouma. Here's a quick recap of the Frenchman’s confidence in saving Pulisic’s shots.

Phase 1: “Come on, homie! Shoot that ball!”

The Chelsea defender is exhilarated to be in goal. He’s so pleased to be there it’s as if ‘Happy’ was his middle name (no seriously, it is). At this point Zouma is bubbling with confidence and prepared to claim his stake in the Chelsea goalkeeper race.

Phase 2: “I wasn’t ready for that…”

“Mistakes have been made. Please don’t shoot that ball, homie. What the hell am I doing in this goal? Maybe I’ll get one save out of this and leave with some pride,” Zouma’s brain, probably.

Phase 3: “Goal?! Oh my God.”

You have to give credit to Zouma for the attempted save. He nearly went full extension to try and reach Pulisic’s shot. He then pulled out an excuse anyone can let slide: don’t have gloves. Someone would have to pay me a ridiculous sum of money to save a Pulisic shot without any protection for my hands.

Conclusion: Pulisic’s Shot Hit Ludicrous Speed

The USMNT is skipping out on the latest international break, meaning Pulisic will get extra time to return to full health. Chelsea’s next match is on Oct. 17 and Americans can hope for his first start of the 2020-21 campaign.

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