Watch: Player in El Salvador replaces shin guards with styrofoam cups mid-game

A Trinidad player in El Salvador has taken the modern world’s small-shin-guard-trend to a whole other level, using foam cups as protection in a professional game.

Player uses styrofoam cups as shin guards

Jomal Williams, a Trinidad and Tobago attacker playing for L.A. Firpo in El Salvador, made headlines on Sunday after TV broadcast cameras caught the player replacing his shinguards for half-cut styrofoam cups before the start to a game.

The manager, Gabriel Álvarez, was giving him game instructions while he made the incredible switch.

Memphis Depay, you have 24 hours to respond.

Fortunately for Williams (as much as he felt comfortable wearing cups from the dollar store as protection for his shins), the referee was made aware of the player’s switch, forcing the L.A. Firpo player to remove the cups and use real shinguards.

The switch back to his original shinguards indirectly lead the player to score his team’s last goal to round their 4-0 victory over FAS to claim the first seed of the Clausura 2024.

Wear real shin guards and you’ll score real goals: a vivid example for the youth.

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