What To Do When Fans Throw Beer At You

It was a nail-biting match, but the Seattle Sounders came up with a massive upset again MLS Cup favorite LAFC on Tuesday night to claim their third Western Conference championship in four years.

While the Sounders played well, LAFC was its own worst enemy. Its frustration in not being able to break the Sounders down was not only evident on the field, but also in the stands. By the 80th minute, the fans were throwing beer at Sounders players.

As a player, how do you respond to things being thrown on the pitch?

You could do the classic Landon Donovan and make it an accessory:

You could drink the beer like Sebastian Giovinco:

Or you can do what Nouhou Tolo did and volley the beer right back into the stands:

Also, to fans who think it's a good idea to throw beer at players or officials: it's not. Quit being stupid and embarrassing yourself and your team.

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