Nantes Fans Reach New Level Of Pettiness By Blaring Clown Music At New Manager’s First Training Session

Supporters of Ligue 1 club Nantes discovered one of the highest echelons of pettiness that the Earth has ever seen on Wednesday. A band of rowdy supporters berated the team with insults and clown music during training as a means to voice their displeasure with the appointment of former France national team manager Raymond Domenech.

Domenech has basically been in hiding from the soccer world for the past 10 years after his disastrous performance at the 2010 World Cup. France finished bottom of its group consisting of South Africa, Mexico and Uruguay. Domenech’s squad descended into chaos amid player revolts, players being sent home and tons of drama. 

After a decade hiatus from managing (and 27 years since managing a club), it was announced on Dec. 26 that Domenech would be the new manager of Nantes. 

Here’s how the supporters greeted the 68-year-old on his first day at the job:

From the players’ perspectives:

The man on the microphone proceeded to roast the players, Domenech and club owner Waldemar Kita, who has been in charge since 2007.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Kita Circus! The Kita Circus brings you some new amazing new acts.

"Raymond Domenech will explain to us his vision of football, what will make us laugh on the upcoming weekends.

"And finally the Kita Circus brings you its traditional animal act. Eleven goats will be dispersed on a green rectangle and will have to pass a ball.

"Exclusively at the Kita Circus, a show that has lasted 13 years, for the young and the old."

This is what I like to call a super tough scene.

After being promoted to Ligue 1 in 2013, Nantes has been a mid-table club typically finishing anywhere between seventh and 14th in the league. This season the Ligue 1 side has only captured three victories from 17 league games and sits three points above the relegation zone.

If the supporters play clown music now, I don’t even want to know what they will do if their club gets relegated.

Nantes chose not to comment on the clown music and instead chose some equally dreadful tunes to accompany highlights of Wednesday’s training session.

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