Can We Talk About The Weird Things These Clubs And Players Are Doing To Train?

Soccer teams mostly do soccer drills, but sometimes they do drills that don't involve soccer. And sometimes these non-soccer training methods are weird. Here are five such instances.

Smashing Each Other With Bubbles

Barcelona players took some time out from doing rondos and nutmegging each other to smash each other in a friendly game of bubble soccer. I don't think it's going to catch on with the Blaugrana, but at least in this game when Messi gets ruthlessly fouled it hurts less.

Awful Basketball

Every PSG player is an elite athlete, but this video proves most of them are not much in the way of basketball players. Well, except for Zlatan. (This video is, obviously, from back when Zlatan played for PSG).

Some Kind Of Racquet Sport

Training at Melwood  ??? #ynwa #reds #melwood #training #amp18

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I really don't know what kind of racquet sport Alberto Moreno is playing in the second picture here (scroll right to see it). It's not racquetball or tennis or pickleball or badminton. The world may never know.

Weird Survival Camping

Here are some helpful and enlightening quotes from Huddersfield Town manager David Wagner, via the Guardian:

“We went to Sweden for four days and three nights and we didn’t bring a ball. We were really in the wild, no electricity, no toilet, no bed, no mobile phone or internet. If you are hungry, take your rod and get a fish. If you are thirsty, go to the lake and put your bottle in. If you are cold, make a fire.

“We had three guides with us to help, but if you are always together, in a two-man tent or eight hours a day in a two-man canoe – and we always rotated the pairings – then you have to speak to each other. I am convinced that the better you know your mate off the pitch, the more you are able to work for him on it in uncomfortable situations.

“They changed their borderlines over those three days. I can say now, three months later, that it was 100% success, and that is the feedback from the players, too.”


Beer, Cigarettes And General Debauchery

This is how every football club trained prior to like 1995. These methods spawned such legends as George Best, Kenny Dalglish, Garrincha and of course Diego Maradona.

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