The Many Emotions Of A Penalty Shootout

There's only so much you can do to ensure your team wins. But that doesn't mean you can't feel all the emotions life has to offer – all at once.

A penalty shootout is a time when teams go head to head to see who can score the most and throw up the least. Generally the relationship between these two events is inverse, unless you tend to throw up when happy or excited. Then all bets are off.

Whether you’re a player, a coach or just a fan, you’ll feel the ups and downs and many emotions of a shootout. Just don't get any of the emotions on your feet.

When the game gets called to penalty kicks

Oh snapppp.

When you have no idea what's going to happen

God gave us nerves so we can experience the miracle of wanting to crawl under a rock.


When you get called for a penalty kick

Let's do it.

When you score that penalty kick

I am the greatest player alive!!!!

When the other team scores the penalty kick

They got lucky.

When your friend scores the penalty kick

We did this.


When there is nothing you can do but watch

No words.

When your goalie saves the ball

Our goalie is better than yours.

When your teammate misses

I'll forgive you.........later.

When the score is tied

No one blink...

When the crowd goes silent

That awkward silence.

When your teammate scores and you're about to win

About to burst with excitement.


When the opposing team misses

So much satisfaction.

Your team wins and the crowd goes wild! Time to celebrate!!!

*sings we are the champions*

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