Footballers With The Most Team Trophies

Winning trophies is something every world footballer wants. It is a pride to contribute to your team’s success. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are among the world’s most successful footballers in the modern era. However, neither is the world’s most decorated player when it comes to footballers with the most trophies (based on the numbers of trophies won for their teams, not individual honors). In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't even make this list, with only 22 team trophies.

Here are the footballers with the most trophies won for their teams at the time of this writing. This does not include individual honors such as the Ballon d'Or, Golden Ball, etc. The number one on the list below will likely surprise you.

Footballers With The Most Trophies

#10 Xavi Hernandez (28 trophies)

#9 Andres Iniesta (29 trophies)

#8 Lionel Messi (30 trophies)

#7 Kenny Dalglish (31 trophies)

#6 Vitor Baia (31 trophies)

#5 Dani Alves (31 trophies)

#4 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (32 trophies)

#3 Ryan Giggs (35 trophies)

#2 Maxwell (36 trophies)

#1 Hossam Hassan Hussein (41 trophies)

Check out the details about each player on the list below.

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Xavi Hernandez (28 trophies)
Soccer Players With Most Trophies - Xavi Hernandez

Footballers With The Most Trophies: Xavi Hernandez Helped Barcelona To Numerous Trophies In La Liga

@ICETV100 | Twitter

Xavi and Iniesta are the names who help create the beautiful soccer Barcelona plays nowadays. Now, Xavi is playing for a Qatar club, but his legacy in Camp Nou always lives on. 25 trophies with Barcelona and three with Spanish national team are more than just enough to describe the quality of his skill.

Andres Iniesta (29 trophies)
Soccer Players With Most Trophies - Andres Iniesta

Footballers With The Most Trophies: Andres Iniesta Played A Pivotal Role Along Side Xavi Hernandez With Barcelona And The Spanish National Team 

@UEFAEURO | Twitter

The Blaugrana genius midfielder is among the world’s most successful footballers, both at club and national team levels. He won his 29th trophy with Barcelona last year by helping the club to clinch the La Liga title last season (2015/2016). His trophies include one World Cup title and two UEFA titles with Spanish national team.

Lionel Messi (30 trophies)
Soccer Players With Most Trophies - Lionel Messi

Footballers With The Most Trophies: Messi Is Now One Of The Most Decorated Barcelona Players Ahead Of Iniesta And Xavi

@Squawka | Twitter

The world recognizes him as one of the finest footballers on Earth. He just scored his 500th goal with Barcelona during the classic match against Real Madrid a few weeks ago. Despite failing to help the country lift the trophy in the Argentinian senior team, he won 29 trophies with Barcelona (eight La Liga titles, four Copa del Rey titles, seven Spanish Super Cups, four UEFA Champions League titles, three UEFA super Cup titles,and three FIFA World Cup Club titles). Messi's only title for the national team is when he was in the Argentinian squad that won the FIFA U-20 World  Cup in 2005.


Kenny Dalglish (31 trophies)
Soccer Players With Most Trophies - Kenny Dalglish

Footballers With The Most Trophies: Why Not Sleep With The Trophy With The Big Ears In All Of Its Glory?

@classic1904 | Twitter

King Kenny is one of the most remembered living legends at the Merseyside club with his contribution to the Reds. As a player, he won 31 trophies with Celtic and Liverpool (including three UEFA Champion League titles). Moreover, he was also a successful manager and he won 50 trophies total as a player and a manager.

Vitor Baia (31 trophies)
Soccer Players With Most Trophies - Vitor Baia

Footballers With The Most Trophies: Baia Was Influential To Helping FC Porto Win The Champions League In 2004 

@GoalPhotos | Twitter

The retired Portuguese keeper has won 26 titles with Porto and five with Barcelona. He will be remembered as one of the Porto squad members that helped the club lift the UEFA Champions League trophy.

Dani Alves (31 trophies)
Soccer Players With Most Trophies - Dani Alves

Footballers With The Most Trophies: Dani Alves Was A Crucial Part In Barcelona's Squad And Is Proving To Have The Same Form At Juventus 

@AnalysisBarca | Twitter

Spending eight seasons with Barcelona, the Brazilian defender won six La Liga titles, three UEFA Champions League, two UEFA Cup trophies, five Copa del Rey titles, five Spanish Super Cup trophies, three UEFA Super Cup trophies, three FIFA World Cup Club titles. Previously when he was a Sevilla player, he clinched one Copa Del Rey title, one Spanish Super Cup, two UEFA Cup titles, and one UEFA Super Cup. With his Brazilian national team, he won Confederation Cup twice, one Copa America, and one junior title in FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Now he is playing for Serie A Juventus and he will likely add the silverware if Juventus win the UEFA Champions League final this season.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic (32 trophies)
Soccer Players With Most Trophies - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Footballers With The Most Trophies: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Has Won 15 Trophies In 15 Straight Seasons. 

@IndyFootball | Twitter

He never won anything with Swedish national team. But, whenever he moves to a new club, he always wins a trophy. After moving to Manchester United, he helped the Red Devils to win the League Cup, the 32nd trophy in his career. He has won four trophies in the Netherland’s Eredivisie, two Serie A titles with Juventus (which were later stripped due to Calciopoli scandal), five with Inter Milan, five with Barcelona, five with AC Milan, and 12 with PSG. With his new Club Manchester United, he won FA Community Shield and the EFL League Cup.

Ryan Giggs (35 trophies)
Soccer Players With Most Trophies - Ryan Giggs

Footballers With The Most Trophies: Ryan Giggs Helped Manchester United To More Trophies Than You Could Count On Six Hands

@IndyFootball | Twitter

The retired footballer is always remembered as one of the world’s greatest, despite never playing for his country in the World Cup. His consistency and loyalty to Manchester United is remarkable. He won 13 Premier league titles, 9 Community Shield trophies, four League Cup titles, four FA Cup titles, two UEFA Champions League trophies, one UEFA Super Cup, one Intercontinental Cup and one FIFA Club World Cup.

Maxwell (36 trophies)
Soccer Players With Most Trophies - Maxwell

Footballers With The Most Trophies: Maxwell Is One Of The Best Brazilian Left Backs To Play Soccer And His Trophies Show It.

@MaxwellScherrer‏ | Twitter

He is less popular compared to other footballers such Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Gareth Bale. However, the Brazilian left-back has won 36 trophies during his career span in Europe. He won one trophy in Brazil with Cruzeiro, six in Eredivisie with Ajax, five with Inter Milan in Serie A, ten in La Liga with Barcelona, and 14 in France with PSG so far (including French League Cup season 2016/2017). He will likely clinch more trophies if PSG wins Ligue 1 this season.


Hossam Hassan Hussein (41 trophies)
Soccer Players With Most Trophies - Hossam Hassan

Footballers With The Most Trophies: Hossam Hassan Is The Most Decorated Soccer Player Of All Time 


The Egyptian is considered the most capped player with 159 caps with Egyptian National team. He won 36 trophies at club level and 5 at national level. He is a retired footballer and currently a manager for a local team, El Masry.

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