Rowdy mob of kangaroos are the 12th man during Australia Cup match

We learned all about the goodness of the Australia Cup last year when semi-professional side Sydney United 58 managed to reach the final, and the 2023 edition is off to a flying start in the preliminary rounds.

On Wednesday, Canberra Olympic FC played Tuggeranong United in the Canberra region of qualifying, and the action was so enthralling that a mob of kangaroos watched on from the touchline. 

Here they are roaring on Canberra Olympic's equalizer. They're absolutely loving it as they chow down on some grass. They're also probably thrilled about Nike's recent announcement of no longer producing kangaroo leather products.   

The roos also showed great concern when one player went down with cramp.

Kangaroos watch soccer

Despite going down to 10 men, Canberra Olympic won it at the death with a penalty kick. It's time to hop on the bandwagon.

Hopefully we see more of the kangaroos in the next round.

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