Athletic Club’s Iñaki Williams Saw Attempted Horror Tackle On Younger Brother And Was Ready For War

Osasuna’s Chimy Ávila made himself public enemy No. 1 on Monday when he attempted one of the dirtiest tackles on Athletic Club’s Nico Williams. Nico’s older brother, Iñaki, didn’t take kindly to Chimy Ávila’s actions and gave him an earful for the disgraceful tackle.

What ESPN’s replay doesn’t show is that Iñaki, who plays as a striker, ran half the length of the field to give Chimy Ávila the business after the incident. A look at how high the tackle was explains the visceral reaction. Doing that to a teammate is one thing, but doing that to family? The Osasuna man was in for an ass whooping if this was an amateur game.

Chimy Ávila would keep trying to start fights with players after he almost snatched a man’s ACL and eventually was given a red card. The punk ass buster should have seen red for his attempted tackle on Nico, but VAR let him walk.

Athletic Club won the match 3-1 and now sit tenth in LaLiga.

The Williams brothers have been playing together for six months now after Nico, 19, was moved up to the first team. Iñaki, 27, has been with the Basque side for over five years. The parents of the two brothers migrated to Spain from Ghana, crossing the Sahara desert on foot.

Iñaki and Nico were born in the Basque region of Spain thus allowing them to play for Athletic Club as only Basque players are allowed to represent the club.

Athletic Club vs. Osasuna Highlights

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