Funniest Premier League Fantasy Football Team Names

You will find the best name for your fantasy EPL team in this list.

Struggling to name your fantasy Premier League team? Of course you are. You’re not creative. That’s why you came to us, the experts in the finest form of comedy known to man — puns. 

With that in mind, let’s get right to it. Here are the funniest names for your fantasy football team.


Neymar Mr. Nice Guy

Ronal Donuts

Cesc On The Beach

Cesc And The City

Busquets And Gravy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels

Benteke Fried Chicken

Kroos Control

For Fuchs Sake

Moves Like Agger

Pjanic At The Disco

Rooney Tunes

Wizard of Ozil

Klopp Goes The Weasel

Kindergarten Klopp


The Big Lewandowski

Huth Your Daddy

Fiddler On The Huth

An Inconvenient Huth

Sonic Huth

Maradonner Kebab


#YOLO Toure

Krul And The Gang

Gylfi Pleasures

Dirty Sanchez

Men Behaving Chadli

Riders Of Yohan

Dukes of Hazard

Hakuna Juan Mata

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Carrolls

Slumdog Mignolet

I’m Lovren It

Crouch Potato

Alice In Hangeland

Bendtner Over

Giroud Let The Dogs Out

Pique Boo

The Passion Of The Cruyff

Santi’s Little Helper

Bony And Clyne

Willian Dollar Baby

Boom Xhakalaka

Lord of the Ings

Who Ate All Depays?

Salahvation Army

Settlers of Zlatan

Ospina Colada

Batshuayi Crazy

Martial Law

The Kouyate Kid

Ayew Messi?

Lallana Del Rey

Show Me Da Mane

Mo Mane, Mo Problems

Kone Heads

Mr. Bojan-Goals


Don’t Call Me Schurrle

Sterling Silva

What’s Love Gotze Do With It?

Bayer Neverlosin’

Llamas Rodriguez

Pep Gorgonzola

Wayne Looney

Wenger Danger

Chiellini Con Carne

Girls Don’t Like Boys, Girls Like Funes Mori

Sugar, We’re Gundogan

Rojo’s Modern Life

Forster The People

Alderweireld’s A Stage

Ain’t No Holebas Girl


Dyslexics Untied

Dynamo Chicken Kiev

Intern Milan

Real Mad Kids

Man Chest Hair City

Spartak Costco

Moleicester City

Crystal Phallus

Crystal Meth Palace

Sporting Lesbian

Kings of Lyon

Borussia Munchensnackbox


Borussia Teeth

Dynamo Fookdarest


Exeter Gently

Duff Man City

Bolton Squanderers

AC A Little Silhouette Of Milan

Fiorentina Turner

Athletic Bilbao Baggins

No Hablo Espanyol

Osasuna Or Later


FC Porno

Werder Beerman


Expected Toulouse

The Lyon King

Cry Me A River Plate

AC/DC United


Obi-Wan Kenobi Nil

Game Of Throw-Ins

99 Problems But A Pitch Ain’t One

Goal Goal Power Rangers


This Is Norway To Play Soccer

She Was Only XI

Grass To Mouth FC

Two Goals One Cup

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