'David Beckham learned English for us' says FOX News when talking about Messi joining MLS

FOX’s Brian Kilmeade is the winner for the most monumentally stupid take on Lionel Messi coming to Inter Miami. The “Fox & Friends” host said he had one big concern about the Argentine coming to the United States. It wasn’t anything to do on the field, it was that Messi speaks Spanish and not English.

“The only thing I’m worried about is that he doesn’t speak English and I want to see him and sit down to talk,” Kilmeade said.

First off, Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the U.S. and is spoken by most people in Miami. 

Kilmeade then put the exclamation point of stupidity with his next sentence where he argued that David Beckham learned English when he came to MLS to play for LA Galaxy.

FOX News Messi comments

How thoughtful of Beckham to learn English, that must have been really hard and time consuming for the England star.

Kilmeade, who was an MLS sideline reporter for the MetroStars back in the day, tried to save face and tweeted that he was joking.

The damage was already done, and the internet had a field day with Kilmeade’s comments.

Whatever happens, we can’t ever allow Kilmeade to interview Messi. That will be an absolute train wreck and will 100% embarrass the world’s already skeptical image of soccer in this country.

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