Here's What Happens When You Fire A Soccer Ball 50 MPH Backwards From A Truck Moving 50 MPH Forwards

Science is cool. It's even cooler when it involves a cannon, a soccer ball and a truck moving 50 miles per hour.

Here at The18, we love soccer science. We've even designated a series of videos to soccer science experiments, featuring our very own PhD in soccer science. At least, he tells us he holds that degree from an accredited university. The office of admissions at Johnny Hopkins hasn't answered our calls requesting a transcript.

No matter. As soon as we heard about the experiment below, we were excited. The esteemed scientists in this video have very obviously completed degrees at Johnny Hopkins themselves. (OK, not true. The people conducting this experiment are actually the MythBusters. And they probably hold real degrees from fancy real universities.) This is why they decided to see what happens when you fire a soccer ball backwards at 50MPH from a cannon mounted to a truck moving 50MPH forwards. The result is oddly satisfying to watch.


Our conclusion from watching this is that a needed safety innovation is a cannon capable of firing people backwards out of cars in the case of accidents. Obviously we would all land on our feet, a little dazed but otherwise intact.*

(*Note: This is not at all true. Don't try it at home. At least, not on our account.)

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