Ranking The Best Songs On The FIFA 21 Soundtrack

On Tuesday the FIFA 21 soundtrack was revealed. Like the previous edition, there are separate tracklists for the regular mode and the Volta street mode, but we’ll be focusing on the 36 tracks that comprise the one that people actually play.

I’m happy to report that while I initially recognized some of the artists — LA Priest, Louis the Child and Tame Impala among them – I hadn’t yet heard a single track off this playlist, which amounts to roughly two hours of listening time.

I’ve since listened to it in its entirety and — as is always the case — it’s a musical odyssey that largely slaps. Here’s my take on the FIFA 21 soundtrack and a descending list from best to worst, including the music videos for my personal top 15. 

FIFA 21 Full Soundtrack

FIFA 21 Soundtrack Best Songs

#1. Carlos Sadness — “Aloha” 

Is that some sort of flute? This is magisterial. I want to bailar contigo

#2. Glass Animals — “Heat Waves” 

Psychedelic pop vibes. “Sometimes all I think about is chuuu, late nights in the middle of Juuune.” This is a jam.

#3. Royal Blood — “Trouble’s Coming”

Oh yes. That’s what I’m talking about, Mr. FIFA soundtrack maker. That’s a Queens of the Stone Age sort of lick with glam metal vocals. 

#4. Biig Piig — “Don’t Turn Around”

Oh shit, this is the funk.

#5. Fireboy DML — “Scatter” 

Smooth and simple. Really pretty beautiful.

#6. tha Supreme — “no14” 

A dreamy lullaby that’ll gently slap you to sleep. Bouncy. 

#7. Leyma — “been a minute”

King Krule but a little brighter and poppier. That’s good stuff. 

#8. LA Priest — “Beginning”

One of the few chilled-out tracks. Groovy. 

#9. Zaia — “SHADE” 

Initial feeling is that this is going to be a grower. Understated but very enjoyable.

#10. Louis The Child — “Big Love”

This is a big beat, like, massive. 

#11. Nia Wyn — “Who Asked You” 

Pick guitar action with attitude. This is a classic FIFA vibe along the lines of 2003's “Dy-Na-Mi-Tee” although not at that level. 

#12. Oscar Lang — “Apple Juice”

The best song about apple juice I’ve ever heard. 

#13. Park Hye Jin — “Like this” 

Washed out house beat. Very nice.

#14. The Snuts — “That’s All It Is”

A stomping your feet on the front porch bit of swamp rock.

#15. Celeste — “Stop This Flame” 

A Moby-esque beat with some Motown-influenced soul vocals. A winning formula.

#16. De Lux — “Cool Up” 

LCD Soundsystem but with a bit more disco. It’s tasty but probably doesn’t need to be five minutes long. 

#17. Tame Impala — “Is It True” 

It’s a very Tame Impala song. That’s not a bad thing. 

#18. Still Woozy — “Window” 

A smooth, love-making tune for those that like making love while playing FIFA. It’s even got the bed squeaking sound! 

#19. 070 Shake — “Morrow” 

"Tomorrow, hey, ‘morrow, hey, hey, tomorrow, hey, ‘morrow, hey, hey"

Wonderful driving beat, lyrically nothing to write to your estranged lover about but the chorus is a nice pop melody.  

#20. Oliver Malcolm — “Switched Up” 

Sounds something like The Weeknd but more experimental. 

#21. Buju Banton — “Unity”

The legend that is Buju Banton with a reggae jam talking about unity. You can probably guess what this sounds like and it sounds good.

#22. Alfie Templeman — “Wish I Was Younger” 

Damn, I like the slappy guitar chords. The vocals are rapid and hushed and a making me a little anxious, but the song is rapidly over.

#23. Madame Gandhi — “Bad Habits” 

Shika-shika shaaaaaaaaaa. Love the bongo drums and the beat, but a somewhat forgettable song.


Why is everything in caps lock? Oh, I see, BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT THE CHORUS SOUNDS LIKE. 

#25. Domino Saints — “BUYA” 

A flute jam. This tune sounds like the lovechild of two built-for-FIFA songs. I’m going to be saying “BUYA, BUYA, BUYA” the rest of the day.

#26. ICEKIID — “ErruDumEllaHvad” 

I think this is Erling Haaland’s blossoming rap career. 

#27. Everything Is Recorded — “01:32 AM / WALK ALONE”

As the title of the song indicates, this is a pretty wild take of samples, shifts and even some voice modulation. It’s alright.

#28. Steam Down — “Etcetera” 

Nice enough vibe but not one you’ll be in a rush to revisit. The bridge is very hotel lobby sounding.  

#29. Nnena — “Work It Out” 

Sounds like Kelis on a Black Eyed Peas track.

#30. Dylan Fraser — “Vipers”

Not a classic FIFA-sounding song. Definite Billie Eilish vibes. Words like “vipers” and “suicide” and “fuck.” Very edgy stuff. 

#31. Chloe Black — “Sacrifice” 

Nice driving bass lick, chorus sounds like some Lana Del Rey sadness. 

Lyrics mostly about dealing with the haterz and working so very hard on writing raps (the elephant in the room being that they’re not very good raps).  

#32. Anita — “Me Gusta (with Cardi B & Myke Towers)  

Me GoOoOoOoO-sta 

A bit of Spanglish over a pretty standard radio-charting beat. Here comes Cardi B. She’s talking about what she likes. Ya, ya, ya. 

I’ve never heard this song but I feel like I’ve heard it a thousand times. 

#33. Dua Lipa — “Love Is Religion” 

A disco synth journey into the depths of love as religion, but this is quickly turning into my personal hell. 

#34. Mike Sabath — “Good Energy”  

Some kind of Bruno Mars meets britpop, overly-produced, radio-friendly trash. He is trying to force me to manifest. I do not want to. 

#35. KAWALA — “Ticket To Ride”

It’s Owl City all over again. 

#36. Aitch — “MICE”

“Never throw shade on the Aitch.” I feel like you just threw shade at yourself. 

“When you greet me call me killer.” Ooo, hard man. 

“Taking the piss. I ain’t popped a pill but I’m taking a trip.” This is godawful. 

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