The 2023 map of most-viewed soccer teams by state is here and two teams took over

FBref.com released their annual report of the most-viewed soccer teams by state and it’s a drastic change from the 2022 map.

American soccer fans couldn’t get enough of last year’s results as a wide range of teams from the Premier League, MLS, LaLiga, USL, NWSL, the EFL Championship, the English fifth-tier National League and the U.S. national team all made the cut.

Fast-forward to 2023 and only the EPL, MLS and LaLiga are represented.

FBref soccer map of the U.S.



This year Manchester City took the crown for the highest number of states with 30. Arsenal finished second with 11 states (including D.C.)

Several MLS teams were able to ward off the popularity of the EPL giants as the local fans in Washington, Utah, Missouri, Minnesota and Tennessee all viewed their teams the most.

Inter Miami were the talk of 2023 in MLS however didn’t register a single state, not even Florida.

FBref.com also shared a map of the U.S. with the most-viewed player per state. The results were a little lopsided…

FBref most viewed players by state

FBref map of most-viewed players

A clean sweep for Messi!

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