For Some Reason, Man Proposes To Girlfriend In Front Of José Mourinho

On today’s episode of “Fans Do The Darndest Things,” an AS Roma supporter has included José Mourinho in his marriage proposal. 

No, we’re not sure why, but you can watch for yourself as Mourinho has no clue what’s going on before the fan gets on one knee. 

Fan’s José Mourinho Marriage Proposal

The woman appears to have agreed, so congratulations to the newly engaged couple.

But also. What the hell just happened.

Why is this fan asking his partner to spend the rest of their lives together in front of a dude who yells at young men to kick a ball?

The whole thing has become a huge hit for Roma’s social channels, garnering more than 3.5 million views on Twitter and becoming a meme subject for The18.

José Mourinho Marriage Proposal

Mourinho and Roma are in Portugal preparing for the upcoming Serie A campaign. The Giallorossi play Nice in a friendly on Saturday in Portugal, not terribly far from Mourinho’s birthplace of Setúbal. I just hope the fans who became engaged last longer than Mourinho’s typical managing stints.

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