Watch: Cesc Fábregas promises Como 1907 players a trip to Ibiza after securing promotion to Serie A

Como 1907 secured a historic promotion on Friday as the Italian side will return to Serie A for the first time in 21 years. Como drew 1-1 and with favorable results finished second in Serie B, securing automatic promotion.

As recently as the 2016-17 season Como were declared bankrupt and playing in Serie D in the 2017-18 season.

A takeover by Indonesian Djanrum Group in 2019 started the turnaround for the historic club and in the coming years Thierry Henry, Cesc Fábregas and Dennis Wise all become minority owners.

Fábregas played his final professional season with Como for the 2022-23 season and has been part of the coaching staff since. After securing promotion a viral video shows Fábregas promising his players a trip to Ibiza to celebrate.

Fábregas Ibiza trip promise

Now that’s one way to motivate the players. 

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