The Best Soccer TikTok Accounts You Need To Be Following

With soccer and sports on pause, TikTok is where we must go to see more.

On the final day of 2019, The18 made the prediction that the new cringeworthy-yet-lovable social media app TikTok would be the future of soccer content. Somehow that is becoming the truth as with no sports being played soccer lovers are forced to find new ways to get their fix. If you’re new to TikTok and looking for content, here are the best TikTok soccer accounts to follow.

Best TikTok Soccer Accounts


USMNT and Chelsea player Christian Pulisic made his not-so-graceful debut on the app in March. Since then he has kept his fans updated on all he is accomplishing during isolation. Pulisic is also working on improving his dance skills.


An account with over 270k followers, this one is full of soccer skills, comedy and comparisons to professionals. If you’re looking for impressive play and quality content, this is a prime account.


Leading the youth scene is jaylasoccer. If you’re looking for youth skills and drills, this girl’s silky footwork is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Various Team Accounts

Several social teams of various clubs and leagues have spotted the new multimedia horizon of TikTok and have made accounts. Barcelona, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid and MLS all post content to TikTok.


Sft_football is another account full of funny soccer clips making fun of professional players and imitating the FIFA video game in real life. The account nearly has 500k followers and posts daily.


This features travel and soccer drills wrapped up into one beautiful TikTok account. Moalifc travels around the world doing training with some of the top women’s and men’s players. He has also featured different guests such as skateboarders and NBA players.

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