Watford Goalkeeper Ben Foster Provides Unprecedented Match Access By Filming His Games On A GoPro

Everyone knows that goalkeepers are a different breed, and no one exemplifies this better than Watford keeper Ben Foster.

Foster lives on a 30-acre farm in the West Midlands of England, he trained as a chef before signing his first professional contract and he also hopes to live out his dream of becoming a cyclist when he retires.

And if you needed more reason to be intrigued by the English shot-stopper, well, he just started his own YouTube channel where he posts footage from a GoPro camera he puts in goal during matches.

Is there a better view of a football match? I don't think so. Sure, Foster wearing the GoPro would be cool, but then you would have to deal with all the movement of the camera, especially on dives. It just wouldn't be practical.

This is the perfect view because the 18 yard area is where all the action happens (how do you think this website got its name?).

Even if you're not a goalkeeping guru like me, you still have to be in awe of the speed and intensity of a professional football match.

Foster started his YouTube channel about a month ago, and he has since posted inside-the-goal highlights from most of Watford's matches this season as "The Cycling GK," as well as clips from his off-days, pregame routine and cycling escapades.

"If it brings you just that little bit closer to the action, because I know it's rubbish that you're missing out on it at the minute, that'll do for me," Foster says in one of his videos. "I absolutely love it. I hope you feel a bit more part of it." 

A true fans' player.

Football might not have fans in the stands quite yet, but until then, Ben Foster's videos will continue to be the next best thing. 

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