‘Stop trying to be a hard a** and pass the ball’ — Alexi Lalas tears into Adams and McKennie

Polarizing soccer pundit Alexi Lalas ruffled feathers in the USMNT sphere after sharing his opinion about the midfield duo of Tyler Adams and Weston McKennie. Lalas doesn’t seem to be a fan of their physical approach in the Premier League.

Adams and McKennie have only played four EPL games together at Leeds United and have already earned a name for themselves. We at The18 refer to them as the ‘Premier League Bad Boys’ due to their hard tackles and how they never back down from a fight.

On Saturday Adams and McKennie both picked up yellow cards for shoving Everton’s Dwight McKneil into the advertisement board.

Lalas no likey. He said that he’s fine with Adams sticking up for himself but argued the American midfielder gets in the face of opponents too often.

Alexi Lalas on Adams and McKennie

The reactions to Lalas’ opinion were mixed, but mostly negative.

Do you think Lalas has a point? Or is he a hater that doesn’t deserve your eardrums?

For what it’s worth, Adams has done well to stay out of trouble this season. For a player who makes a name off hard tackles and getting in the face of opponents he only has four yellow cards in 22 games.

He does have one red card, but that was more so for a tactical foul and not a major error.

McKennie hasn’t kept his hands as clean for Leeds since his arrival. In three of his first four games for Leeds he has received a yellow card.

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