“Scripted or not, that was fun” — Alex Morgan’s reaction to Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVIII win

Alex Morgan saw the action unfold at this year’s Super Bowl live from the stands as one of many professional athletes that attended what is one of the biggest sports games in the United States.

The San Diego Wave player had been seen in multiple past editions of the football game and often being shown on the jumbotron as one of the greatest and most famous soccer players to have ever played for the USWNT.

Following this year’s incredibly entertaining matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, the Chiefs’ back-to-back NFL Championship on Sunday — an achievement that many on social media consider “scripted” — inclined the legendary player to throw a more than controversial caption on her Instagram post about her attendance.

Alex Morgan's reaction to Super Bowl LVIII on social media

“Scripted or not, that was fun” said Morgan via Instagram.

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It was a fun game to be fair, Alex.

Alex Morgan, to no one’s surprise, received some backlash for her choice of caption that will, in one way or another, continue with the notion that professional sports’ or leagues’ outcomes are already decided.

“Caption is stupid and pointless. Both teams played their heart out. As an athlete you should know this,” said a fan replying to her post.

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Some fans, however, were not as hostile to her post, with many agreeing and even applauding her for saying what many already believe.

“Caption is so real,” “I love the caption,” “Agreed” and “Totally scripted” said some fans in the comments.

To each their own.

Morgan, who just recently made headlines for being excluded from the USWNT’s roster for the first-ever W Gold Cup, will continue enjoying what's left of her off-season ahead of her third NWSL campaign with SD Wave.

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