AI predicts the next UEFA Champions League winners until 2103

Artificial Intelligence just spoiled the next 80 winners of the Champions League. It’s not looking good Manchester United or Arsenal fans…

AI has become one of the most popular technologies on the planet and it has now made its way into predicting the future of the biggest club tournament in the world.

AI predicts UEFA Champions League winners until 2103

You're gonna want to look at this.

An image that was apparently created by AI has gone viral on social media after having named the next 80 winners of the UEFA Champions League, making some bold predictions over who’s going to take the cup home each year for the next century.


Now, it’s unknown whether this picture was actually generated by AI or what factors, data and statistics it considered while making its predictions. But, since there’s a lot to unpack here, let’s break down the main discoveries of the list:

  • FC Barcelona will win the current 2023-24 tournament
  • Manchester United will win the tournament in 2025 despite being in sixth place in the current Premier League standings
  • Real Madrid (with a four-peat included), Manchester City, Atlético Madrid (three-peat included), Juventus, Rangers (yes, Rangers), and Ajax will all win back-to-back titles 
  • Paris Saint-Germain, Spurs, Atlético Madrid, Sporting, Roma, Newcastle, Wolves, Nottingham Forest, Villarreal, Torino, Malmo, Leicester City, Lyon, Alaves, Sheriff, Brentford, Zenit, Besiktas, Galatasaray, Frankfurt, PSV and Dynamo Zagreb will all win their first-ever title
  • Real Madrid will still be the kings of the next century after winning 10 titles
  • Arsenal will still remain as the only club in the Premier League Big 6 to not win the UEFA Champions League

It’s looking like a busy next eight decades.

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Again, it’s highly unlikely that anything of this list will actually come to fruition (even if made by AI) as it’s practically impossible to accurately predict winners of the next five or ten Champions Leagues, let alone 80. 

However, it will be interesting to keep track of the list and if they hit any of their predictions on the dot, with FC Barcelona being their first predicted winner on the list. Let’s see if the blaugranas are able to prove them right, right of the bat.

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