If There’s One Thing All Footballers Need In Their Homes, It's This

Skills Lab Wundschuh has created the ultimate footballer experience to help perfect accuracy and reaction time while implementing real-life game situations to help you level up your game.

This virtual training style could be the future of personal training and is definitely something everyone would want in their homes. As of now, the sports facility is located in Wundschuh, Austria, but if it makes its way to the U.S. it will give golf simulators a run for their money. 

This is every football player's dream, and if this could be installed in a home it would be such a game-changer. It would also be a great way to socially distance train since you are only playing alongside animated players within the simulation. Hopefully this makes its way around the world and takes over virtual training for all levels of players. 

My dream is to have a house with one of these in one day @skills.lab_wundschuh #ftbl #football #soccer

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