The 10 Worst Soccer Flops Of All-Time

The worst soccer flops of all-time should send a clear message to those who employ the "dark arts." Which is why we're setting out to #stoptheflop.

Here at The18, we’re starting a movement. Lasting change has only ever been achieved when like-minded people come together to advocate or protest. In solidarity, we’re going to stop the flop.

To stop the flop, you must think like the flopper. You must get inside the flopper’s head. Whether flopping is defended as a sporting advantage, a bit of exhilarating mischievousness or an absurdity, our response must be resolute: stop the flop.

When we’re told that flopping is part of the game, that it’s in the genetic makeup of those who choose to win at all costs, we should be weary of this expression of self-contempt.

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When we’re told that floppers aren’t cheats, that they’re just street-smart and that the rules of the game are inherently uncertain, we should ridicule these as euphemisms for loathsome players. 

When we’re told that “there was contact,” we should quote verbatim the offenses that constitute careless, reckless or excessive force, not simply settling for the condition of two people physically touching each other.

For too long statements like “there was contact” have normalized this detestable piece of gamesmanship. To stop the flop, we must begin by shaming the floppers. And, it's not just players.

As an example, in 1997, 24.7% of U.S. adults were smokers. By 2015, that number had dropped to fewer than 15%. 

While a number of reasons have contributed to the decline, a graphic anti-smoking campaign from the Center for Disease Control is credited with preventing 16,000 tobacco-related deaths. Our goal at The18 is to stop the worst soccer flops in much the same manner.

If you’re a flopper yourself, there’s still time to change your ways. First, just look at the company you keep.

The Top 10 Worst Soccer Flops Of All-Time

#10: Joaquin Larrivey is assaulted by the ball:

#9: Daniele De Rossi is shot by that damn sniper again:

#8: Kyle Lafferty's soul flys away, causing him to collapse:

#7: Morten Gamst Pedersen is a funny dude:

#6: Jurgen Klinsmann with the rare double flop:

#5: The Cristiano Ronaldo collection:

#4: Iraq's keeper's face exploded by Sergio Ramos:

#3: Alberto Gilardino makes the most of a lost cause:

#2: No Era Penal:

#1: Crafty Chilean knocks himself out:

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