They Were Having A Peaceful Meal. 10 Seconds Later It Was A Disaster Zone.

An angry mob of soccer fans is a dangerous thing. This restaurant learned that the hard way.

Have you ever seen footage of a flood? People talk about how there are massive, 100 ft walls of water that barrel across beaches and towns but that’s not really how it works. Water doesn’t just form a vertical wall; it seeps and flows, steadily, more rapidly than you think until all of the sudden a street is turned into a river 15 ft deep. It’s dangerous because people inland away from the initial landfall don’t react quickly. They want to see how the situation unfolds, and their curiosity kills them.  

Much of the same can be said for the patrons and workers present at this restaurant in the Netherlands. They hear the sound of a crowd of soccer fans, and see the smoke from the flares it is throwing. They all turn and look because it’s not a sight that they often see. “They must be from the soccer game,” they probably all thought. “Interesting.” One woman laughs. They don’t realize how dangerous the crowd is until it is at the restaurant’s doorstep. Then things go bad very, very quickly. 

Here’s another video with more angles:

That crowd was nothing less than a flood of humanity, we'd all do well to remember how dangerous that can be. 

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