Ronaldinho Will Play For Fluminense One Last Time. In The United States

Reportedly, Ronaldinho will play for Fluminense in the Florida Cup in the USA in January.

Ronaldinho, one of the most enjoyable footballers in recent times, has been without a club ever since he and Fluminense mutually agreed to terminate his contract a few months ago.

But he and Fluminense are teaming up for one last ride, traveling to the United States for a friendly tournament in Florida called, appropriately, the Florida Cup.

"We are going to Orlando for the Florida Cup,  and as a matter of marketing and brand expansion, Ronaldinho will play for us," Fluminense president Peter Siemsen said on Radio Tupi.

It's always nice when you can just call up one of the best players ever and ask him to come play with you.

The 35-year-old is renowned the world over for doing things like this:

Regardless of how much he plays, or how well, it'll just be nice to see his smiling face on the pitch again.

"Ronaldinho and Fluminense maintain a great respect for each other. And for the American market is very attractive brand of player," Siemsen said.


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